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Specialists in the tourism industry and the hospitality sector

Actnet Tax Solutions, with its registered office in Kolonaki, in the center of Athens is trusted by businesses of all sizes operating in a variety of industries to meet their needs for the most comprehensive range of tax, accounting, consulting, financial and payroll services. As a long-term external partner of large companies in the hospitality sector, the company has the necesS.A.ry experience and expertise to meet your business needs consistently and successfully.

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We have a goal, a vision and experienced accountants

Actnet Tax Solutions’ goal is to provide specialised, reliable and innovative services to businesses of all sizes and sectors, with a focus on assisting them in developing the best strategy for a successful and continuous development.

Understanding our clients’ constant and changing needs, the company is staffed by experienced and qualified accountants, allowing us to provide a full range of tax, accounting, financial and consulting services, as well as specialised solutions, to both domestic and international clients, individuals and businesses, interested in operating in Greece.

Read the News: • New rules for submission of VAT returns • Tax incentives for individuals who transfer their tax residence in Greece
Read the News: • New rules for submission of VAT returns • Tax incentives for individuals who transfer their tax residence in Greece
    Actnet Tax Solutions S.A.

    Why choose Actnet Tax Solutions S.A.?

    Reliability and Efficiency

    Hundreds of clients have placed their trust in us because we are always there for them whenever they need us. We can provide practical results and data with our solutions and services to ensure that their businesses continue to grow and develop.

    Speed and Flexibility

    We react promptly and immediately in a constantly changing environment. We adapt to every new change, listen to your new needs and move quickly to offer you the ideal, specialised solution that you require for your strategic development needs.


    Everything new and different fascinates us. Each business is unique in our eyes. This is why, by putting our knowledge into practise and drawing on our many years of experience, we can always successfully provide improved services and new ideas in the financial sector.

    The business solution you need

    We are here to listen, understand and meet your needs regarding the whole range of tax, accounting, finance, consulting and payroll services. Contact us to talk about your issues and find the specialised solution you need based on your own needs.