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Actnet Tax Solutions S.A. has been providing high-quality services to international clients, individuals and businesses wishing to do business in Greece since 1996.

SINCE 1996

Building long-term relationships and success bonds with clients

Actnet Tax Solutions S.A. was founded in 1996 and has been continuously developing and evolving its services since then, adapting to the ongoing changes in its industry and the changing needs of its clients. Actnet Tax Solutions S.A. has specialised in the tourism sector as an external partner working with large companies in the hospitality sector over the last 15 years, as well as in providing consulting services and specialised solutions to international clients, individuals and companies wishing to operate in Greece.

More than 40 experienced staff members

With a sense of responsibility, highest quality services and more than 40 experienced staff members

The headquarters of Actnet Tax Solutions S.A. are in Kolonaki, in the center of Athens, and the company collaborates with two additional retail offices for services to individuals. Actnet Tax Solutions S.A. currently employs over 40 persons and its team is constantly expanding to meet the increasing needs of its clients.

It is staffed by accountants with experience in all industries, businesses of all sizes, and with individual clients, who receive ongoing training and education and are the company’s main comparative advantage when it comes to providing high quality services for its clients.