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Accounting Services

From the day it was founded up to today, Actnet Tax Solutions S.A. has been providing accounting support to a wide range of businesses based on the specialised needs of each client

Every business can rely on our assistance with planning and organisation.

The goal of Actnet Tax Solutions S.A. is for every client’s accounting department to operate in an organised manner with defined procedures, and to utilise the computerised capabilities of accounting programmes to the fullest extent possible.


In this way, we can always provide the financial information that every business needs to establish the best financial strategy for it.

More specifically, our company offers the following accounting services:

book keeping for any kind of business

of in-house business accounting departments

and organisation for new or existing businesses

with the provisions of MyData

relating to the computerised organiS.A.tion of
company accounting departments

preparation in accordance with the provisions of Greek Accounting Standards or International Accounting Standards

and pricing