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Payroll Services

Actnet Tax Solutions S.A.'s flexible payroll programmes, as well as its specialised staff, can provide immediate and reliable management and processing of the payroll needs of any type of business.

«Never before has outsourcing been as comprehensive as FULL TIME»

Actnet Tax Solutions S.A. has maintained a separate payroll department since 2014, recognising the unique needs of companies in the specific sector and the need to develop specialised payroll executives.


With the above phrase as its motto, Actnet Tax Solutions S.A. provides payroll outsourcing services to accounting departments of companies of all sizes. Our services are specifically designed to fully cover labour and tax legislation and facilitate the needs of companies’ accounting partners and accounting departments.

More specifically, our company provides the following payroll services:

submissions to the “ERGANI” system

of Employment Hours

relating to Digital Job Cards

and part-time employment contracts

tax issues relating to payroll services (submissions, benefits
in kind, etc.)

in insurance legislation and harmonising
payroll services with these changes

for participation in subsidised work programmes
through the Greek Manpower Employment Organization OAED

costs and allocations to cost centers